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“Behind You” Illustrations By Lauren YS | HF

Artwork can take any person to the moon and back, especially if it’s done correctly. In your opinion, what would make artwork correct? Honestly, there’s no answer to this trick question, because art has no boundaries. Lauren YS definitely doesn’t work within parameters with her new art gallery titled “Behind You”, which features bizarre drawings and sketches of characters you would see coming out of a sewer hole, hungry for flesh and blood. These pictures deserve a standing ovation, not just for creativity, but for uniqueness.




Some questions you might have:

How much will they be?
Right now, I’m working out the most cost effective way to produce these so I don’t have an answer yet. I am aiming for $15-$20.

Where will the money go?
We are hoping that at least half of your purchase will go towards donations to various cat shelters. We also have to pay for the material, sewing machines, stuffing, website, etc. But our goal is to give as much to kitties as we can.
We would like to donate to many shelters and organizations. There are wonderful people who pull cats out from shelters literally hours before they are put down. Individuals can pledge money to any shelter that pulls a death row cat.
To see this in action: CAUTION: THIS PAGE IS EXTREMELY UPSETTING, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Newborn kittens are put to sleep as well. We would like to pledge money to save these cats lives.
There are also many shelters that are very open to accommodating less-adoptable cats, such as ones that create separate rooms for ones that are infected with FIV. There are also shelters that take care of special/different cats instead of putting them down. We would like to help these shelters financially and encourage other shelters to do the same.

What is a less-adoptable cat?
Take a look at this comic
Less-adoptable mean less likely to be adopted. Physical defect, neurological disorder, elderly, chronic illness, special diet, shy, mean, or black (yes even black cats) are not likely to be chosen to go home with a family.

Will you add more cat designs?

What happens after Kickstarter?
Our first goal is to create awareness for this project! Kickstarter and social media will hopefully get some people hyped! Our eventual goal is to have an online store with new designs added frequently. We will also add other items as well!
When will I know more about this?
Follow us here on Tumblr, as well as these other places:

Can I help?
Right now it would be awesome if you helped spread the word! We would like to take guest artists to design new kitties, but not at this time!

HEY GUYS! Remember that super-sweet comic about adopting older cats that was everywhere a little while ago? My friend made that, and now she’s running this super cool project. You’ll be able to buy cute plushies and help cats in need! What more could you want?

okay guys. I really really want all of my followers to reblog this. As a devotee to Bast, you cant imagine how important it is to me that these cats are saved and given wonderful homes. My fellow devotees, im almost sure that i can say the same for y’all. Please reblog and signal boost this post, and if you can donate even a little, PLEASE do so. As soon as i can find money to spare, i’ll be donating as much as possible.




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